Encoding Repair Kit

The Encoding Repair Kit repairs multi-byte encoded email and newsgroup documents that have been damaged by 7-bit email servers. It is particularly useful for Japanese documents, and other languages that use multi-byte encoding.
It is the only Windows software available for repairing moji-bake!

Email and Usenet newsgroups are encoded as 7 bit ASCII. ASCII is sufficient for English, but poses problems for languages that have thousands of characters, particularly Chinese, Japanese and Korean. These languages use multi-byte encoding schemes, which rely on 8 bit characters and/or the Escape character.

Multi-byte encoded text is often damaged by email and usenet services. The Encoding Repair Kit repairs this damage. Included are special tools for the encoding schemes used for Japanese text. In addition, there is a general tool that should repair damage in any multi-byte encoded language.

This version (1.2) is compatible with both English and localized (eg Win95J) versions of Windows.

The Encoding Repair Kit v1.2 is FREEWARE. Please distribute freely.
All rights reserved. This software may not be sold.
No liability accepted.

Download Encoding Repair Kit v1.2 (100k)

If you prefer, a non-zipped version is available:
Download Erk.exe v1.2 (170k)
Download Erk.hlp v1.2 (50k)
Download Erk.txt v1.2 (1k)
(If downloading non-zipped version, please obtain all three parts. To install, simply place all three in the same directory and run erk.exe)

Colin Bootle

Last updated 25th September 1998

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